Spenkster Spices

Spenkster who?

Spenkster stands for Robert, also affectionately called Spenky or Spenkster by his friends. He is happy when he is with family and friends and can serve them tasty things. Often meat, but because of the vegetarian diet of the other half, there are always vegetables on the menu. Robert gives everything his own twist.

He continually picks up new recipes from all kinds of cultures through family and friends. And then makes them your own. That’s how we ended up at Badia Spices and later decided to buy them ourselves to provide everyone with this beautiful collection of spices. We use everything we purchase ourselves. We love it.

The other half is Maaike and she takes care of the webshop and the packages with love. She only cooks when she has to, but she does it tasty and with lots of herbs.

We are happy to help you with tips, recipes, recommendations and are open to suggestions, questions and tips.




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